Our Story

MOOR WEAR is an e-commerce retail brand that represents unexpected brilliance. We produce clothing that highlights the non-traditional genius. We are talking about that human that has an ability to create, although our society expects much less of them. 

Did you notice the black lightbulb? At first glance it may not seem valuable or able to emit light, but black light actually does much more. It exposes us to things the human eye could not see beforehand. It therefore not only meets our expectation of value; it exceeds it as well. We believe in the unexpected brilliant.




Our mission is to highlight, contribute to and ultimately grow communities where the unexpected brilliant stem from. Please see a brief synopsis of how we got here below:


MOOR Games is founded to fuse mobile games and urban pop culture. We founded to produce mobile games that represent the diverse array of people that play them.


Hip-Hop star Fetty Wap is signed for a mobile racing game. The game will be based on street racing culture and will have Fetty's image, persona, language and overall brand fused into it.


Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories is launched live from the corresponding launch event in the Flatiron district of New York City. 




MOOR forms as a holding entity that now houses MOOR Games and produces The Fellowship. The event is an invite-only social gathering for creators, entrepreneurs & influencers in the New York City Metropolitan area. 



MOOR is redefined. The holding company's purpose is to positively impact underrepresented communities through experiences, gaming and clothing. 


MOOR WEAR is launched.